July 24, 2010

Washington County Fair

Went to the Fair aka The Fifth Dimension for some animal viewing and scratching and some metal. Myself, my Erin, Boo and his Patsy, and our friend Shapiro from S.F.

I don't know what it was about me to this rabbit, but he was stoked to see me. I must've set his heart a flutter.
washfair 002

This right here is definitely some Hot Wisconsin Cheese. Can you sense it?
washfair 004

Erin was not stoked about the tricks these Llamas did - they put the LAME in LLAMA for sure.
washfair 005

The showcase event was CINDERELLA, DOKKEN, and JACKYL.
washfair 007

All the local talent came out - double click on this one folks - DOUBLE UNICORN TATTOO. Yes, that just happened.
washfair 012

Here is the singer of JACKYL playing the Star Spangled Banner with his teeth. It must've been pre-recorded cause NOBODY is that good. Incredible.
washfair 015

And here he is with his chainsaw doing their signature hit. So great to hear that song again.
washfair 018

I have no idea what this means, but I bet this guy doesn't either. It had the mudflap silhouette pole dancing with a Confederate flag - I guess the purchase was a no-brainer.
washfair 020

DOKKEN sucked.

Here is CINDERELLA killin' it. I was never really a hair metal guy what with the leopard prints and pouty stuff, but seeing this made me appreciate the fact that some of those bands really made sure you saw a show. They definitely love their fans and they ripped. Very impressed.
washfair 026

And here are two friends I made. I didn't catch their names though. Nor was I able to focus the camera at that point. But I think it kind of captures the essence of the whole event really so I kept it.
washfair 024

I suppose I got ringworm and lice from being there, but it was fun as hell. Looking forward to seeing who comes next year.

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b.ridge said...

so many great things in this post, my faves are the llama (big llama fan over here, even lame ones) and the double unicorn tattoo.