July 11, 2010

Tiny Peacock Groove

I originally saw this frame as it was in progress. Now Justin has sent over some pics of the final build.

Super tiny 26" wheeled drop top tube road bike. The owner is short and has bad arthritis, and Erik built the bike around her needs.







There is always something extra cool about it when a custom bike is born because the owner has special needs that need to be addressed and aren't capably served by mass produced machines.

This thing is super hott!

thanks for sending it over!


ViciousG42 said...

why do you suppose 26" vs 650b?

Jeff said...

cause 650b is for assholes.

and larger.

scissorneck said...

There 26'' but he had to put a 650 tire on it????

Nova_C said...

Why not just ride a mixte? As a small person with poor joints (I'm only 25, and I can feel the weather changes in my hips!), that's my preference. Nonetheless, she looks super-happy, and the bike is goh-geous, I dig the lines.

26" are more readily available, esp. if you do any riding to more outta-the-way places, or abroad.

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