July 25, 2010

Contador wins another one. BFD

I am firmly on the dick move side of this one.

Yeah, Contador won another TDF but the dude's an unlikeable douche. The questionable acceleration last year, fine, he was really the only one on that team working for him and was clearly the strongest man in the race. He had to do it.

But to attack the yellow jersey after a mechanical is questionable at best, and an extremely piece of shit thing to do at worst.
Guy's got no style, no heart. He may be the best stage racer of the last three years but he's no great "Champion," just a cheap opportunist.


Blackavar said...

To be fair Shleck had his chance to make up the time on Stage 17 and on the TT but couldn't hack it. Agreed it was a shitty thing to do, but hey all these guys come off a smug arogant pricks anyway. The only thing Schleck has going for him is that he has to be one of the goofiest guys on the tour...


Crafty said...

Right after this happened, I would've completely agreed with you. However, after talking with a few folks I have mixed opinions.

No one stops for you in the tour if you get a flat, so why should a dropped chain be much different? Furthermore, Schleck didn't wait for Contador on the cobbles when he experienced a mechanical(flat I think). Granted the cobbles are a different ballgame, but it's something to consider. I do think Schleck is a much more likeable dude, though.

Honestly, I think this year's tour was rather boring, as far as the race for yellow was concerned. Too tactical and conservative.

Andy did put in a good time trial, considering that it isn't his specialty.

Jeff said...

good points.