July 9, 2010

Crucial Jams

The Lighter Side Of Mark

Jeff got me thinking about good delivery systems of summer-ness. While I love me some Silver Jews (I have only three of their albums but still), Mark$ter be needin' a little more rock in his freak sauce these days. Perhaps a result of my mortality consciousnesses. I'm not going to get a convertible and drive around listening to the Beach Boys like Mr. Prince down the street did - at a young age, my first hard lesson about what it means to be pathetic - but I think my compulsion to get the hard riffs comes from making up for lost time in younger years. Enough about that stuff - you'll all get old too and start thinking about annoying shit. Anyways, here are some of my favorite summer essentials of recent years - the incomparable EDDIE AND THE HOTRODS. 1977 era English rock/punk roots that goes perfect with shorts, heat, cold beers, laughing your ass off and being sentimental, and cute girls that continue to love you while you sort things out.

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