July 4, 2010

Last Couple of Days In Milwaukee

Been a good week down here for showing off my kicked in the teeth city. When the sun is out and you're on bikes seeing the sights or you're installing a couple three-four brewdoggs on the block, it's hard not to be proud.
Had some friends from DENMARK here - Jacob and Ursula -
weekend of the fourth 002
and we got them together with our local pals at CORAZON, a nearby Mexican joint that has become my second home since it opened. I'll do a big post on them later so you all know how legit this place is.
weekend of the fourth 009
weekend of the fourth 017
weekend of the fourth 018
Then I took my brother-in-law and our friend Tom on a big tour of the city. Most of what I know came from my bro already, but it's always a treat to have him fill in some new gaps with his limitless knowledge of one of his most near and dear places.
weekend of the fourth 020
Tom there with the visor makes a point to go out every once in awhile and clean up trash from the streets of Madison, WI where he lives with that grabber deal on his belt. He was showing me some of his skills whilst in motion. He should really be playing bike polo cause it's all EAGLE vs. SALMON with that shit.
weekend of the fourth 021
Then my good friend Nate came to town from Lincoln, NE. He is a gravel racing king out in those parts and is a member of the PCL. He got mostly concrete and asphalt on this epic, but he was stoked to see everything from Lake Michigan mansions to river aqueducts. He even got to see some C.H.U.D.s talking prices for some extreme huggin' an' kissin' down in the ditch. We gave them a wide berth but they still scooted outta there thinking we might try and capture that impending act on film or something.
weekend of the fourth 022
weekend of the fourth 023
weekend of the fourth 026
Not to bring out my own pom-pon squad or nothin', but I have to say I'm getting pretty good at throwing a nice tour of the city out there to all comers. Maybe hit me up next time you're in town and I'll educate you too.


Dan said...

Careful how wide you cast that invite, you may well have requests from complete strangers from Australia [like me for instance].
Still not entirely sure what my route is going to be through the middle but I may well be in WI within the nest week of two.

mark$ter said...

Sir, I would be happy to show you around.

Hit me up on here in the comments on any post of mine and we can sort it out if you're here.

Otherwise, safe travels.