July 27, 2010

Tony Mortenson Revovery Jam


Local BMX'er needs your help and support if you're in town go lend a hand.

press release

I don’t know if you had heard or not, but last week Tony Mortenson had taken a very sever crash at Ben Polaschek’s trails, landing him in emergency surgery to fix 3 fractures in his skull. He has been showing some really great improvement and should be making it out of the hospital this weekend, but like many of us in BMX, he didn’t have health insurance. You can imagine how much a few nights in the ICU could cost, so Todd Johnson, myself, and a few other Minnesota locals have been working on getting a jam together to help him pay his expenses.

Todd has lined up some real good support from the sponsors for prizes that will be put towards a jam/contest, raffle, and silent auction with 100% everything going back to Tony. Along with food and drink sales, entree fees, and anything else that comes up - it all goes to Tony’s bills. Thanks to 3rd Lair for donating Overpass skatepark for the evening.

I was hoping that we could spread the word with this flyer to let people know so they can try and make it to the event. I don’t expect people to be flying across the country or anything, but anything helps. We have also set up a Paypal account for Tony which donations can be sent to the account - TonyMortensonRecovery@Gmail.com

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