July 29, 2010

New Bike Jerks Stickers

J-man just sent over a package.


the return of the infamous "no skanks" sticker

Thanks a bunch dude!


rian said...

Are these available for purchase?

Matt said...

WTF?!? How do I buy one of these stickers??

gregg said...

Seriously, you need to sell these.

mark$ter said...

Here's the deal with the stickers, I can't sell them.

They were gifts, so profiting financially would be lame. Plus I didn't get that many of them. I'll look into buying some from J-man and then perhaps I can sell some.

in the meantime if you purchase something from the Bike Jerks shop, www.bikejerks.com which you should do anyway because my shirts are awesome and you want to represent, I will throw some stickers in with your order.

mark$ter said...

that was me, Jeff, writing that comment. I am in MKE and on Mark's computer.

Anonymous said...

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