July 26, 2010

Skid Tricks: 2008 All City Championship Trailer

The video Kevin, Connor, and I put together to promote the 2008 edition of the All City Championship.

Classic (spring 2008) tricks on a fixed gear.

Bootleg Sessions 1 had just come out that January, and everything was different. What you thought was possible totally changed with that video and in particular the riding of Keo, Tom, and Burd. With the arrival of an actual DVD it started to feel like something really cool was happening. It became (for better or worse) about more than just dicking around in parking lots and drinking beer.

Shortly after Bootleg came out I called up a track boutique in the southern suburbs that I had heard rumors about after coming across their name on the interwebs. That day after work I rode over in 10 degree snow, made my way to the store and met Vinnie for the first time. I pedaled my ass off to get home to watch it and was just blown away.

I remember seeing Shigeo do that crazy skid transition from rear Aerospoke to tire and wanting to learn that move so bad. I watched it a dozen times.

To promote the 2008 All City's Connor and I went out and filmed and Kevin edited the footage down to this. We were all super proud of it. It really shows just how much things have changed in two and a half years.

Peep Connor's crazy long ending skid, at the time there were all these internet fools trying to insist that he had a freewheel. The thing that they don't know is that he actually started the skid about two blocks earlier, but the transition between skids wasn't the cleanest and the clip was way too long so we only showed this.

Sometimes I miss the old days before everyone took this stuff so seriously, but that's what happens, for better or worse.

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Crafty said...

Honestly, Keo spins, weird skid variations, wheelies, and that sort of thing will always appeal to me more than gaps and airs and other new-school fixed tricks. Not trying to hate, but that's just me.

I don't know, something about the old school stuff like in this video seems so unique to the track bike thing. Lots of the new stuff seems borrowed from another form of biking who's name shall not be mentioned.