July 27, 2010

Hot Ass Montagner

This bike was parked in the rack outside Moosely Seconds while we were renting our ice axes. I had never seen a Montagner before and took the opportunity to snap some pics, with permission of course.


this sticker on the top tube caught my eye
Montagner's feature a top tube decal with details of the Czechoslovakian national teams world record:-
cicli MONTAGNER - Passarella (VE)
Colorado Spring 1986
Primato Mondiale Squadre 4km
tempo: 4,15,18 - media: 57,806 km/h

ribbed tubing






here's the info on the brand that I dug up on the Interwebs

Handmade Italian bicycle frames using Oria GM0.0 Ribbed and Oria ML25 Indented tubing.
Montagner frames were built by Luigi Montagner, whose claim to fame was being builder to the Czech and Polish national teams for the 1987 season.



dagmarhugo said...

I have that exact same bike. Ribbed steel, etc.
Even down to the "Italy" colors, although the purchase order said "Christmas" colors when delivered, lol
Purchased the frame in 89 from a bike shop going out of business.
Put on Cinelli stem, bars and Campy Victory a year later.
Love love love it.
If the owner let you turn it over you would have seen a Cinelli bottom bracket as a part of the frame.
I always knew I had something special when riding in Central Park NYC and the hard core dudes would comment on it like I would an Aston Martin.
When I moved to DC the guys in the Georgetown bike shop acted the same way. Best $ ever spent.
I still have the review from Bicycling Magazine from around the same time.
Which reminds me... I need to go for a spin !
Where was this as I've never seen another?

Robert61267 said...

Gorgeous frame. I have a 60cm Montagner frame in the same steel (Oria GM 0.0), but mine is in the red, white and blue scheme, and in serious need of a repaint. In due course, she'll get repainted and rebuilt in old Campagnolo Chorus, just like in the bicycling Magazine article that dagmarhugo referenced. The only thing stopping me right now is the odd 26.4 mm Chorus seatpost, which are rare and VERY pricy on the Bay of Evil.


They do pop up on Ebay from time to time, but you have to be quick.