April 8, 2010

Why Can't My Boyfriend Skid

The new by The Foot Down

And the original
all you olds out there. correct me if I'm wrong but that was a Thrasher magazine shirt, yes?

That's some sacred ground their treading on, but I definitely give it passing marks


polka said...

classic thrasher. i saw it first in '97, circa 6th grade. not sure how old the design is though.

Jeff said...

goes way back to the late eighties for sure.

coco said...

definitely into the redesign.

dannypaws said...

lolz. I'll give it the thumbs up as well.

Dan said...

There is also the "weld" version from Special 79:

tfrancis said...

Hey dude, thanks for posting this up. After 16 years of skating I feel like I can trample over as much sacred ground as I please, haha.

The tees are on the site to buy now with free worldwide postage: http://www.thefootdown.co.uk/oh-god-t-shirt/

The Foot Down