April 6, 2010

Bike Culture Write Up in Metro mag

Metro mag just did a huge write up on Minneapolis cycling culture.

It hits some highs and lows and of course as any mainstream publication that does a piece on the "counter culture" tends to do it traffics in a number of well worn stereotypes.

Did you know that dudes who ride fixies roll up their pants, drink PBR, wear slip on shoes, and "too tight" caps? That's some killer reporting bro!

I was super stoked to see that the article mentions the All City Championshp.

All City Championship
The ultimate race for the fixed gear crowd, this alley cat race, a form of urban bike racing started by bike messengers, meanders 30 miles through Minneapolis from point a to z, forcing the bikers to navigate the best route. [Route and specific date TBD; August]

They even did a nice piece on the Liberace of bikes:
Mr. Erik Noren
of Peacock Groove

Read the whole article here

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