April 6, 2010

OH Snap!! MPLS Named The Best City For Biking

At least in the eyes of Bicycling magazine, according to WCCO:

If you are a biker, Minneapolis is the best place to live according to Bicycling Magazine.

The May issue of the magazine just came out and named Minneapolis the most bike-friendly city in America.

The city moved into the number one spot after being named runner-up last year.

Portland, Ore., Boulder, Colo., Seattle, Wash., and Eugene, Ore. are the cites that round out the top five.

The cities are ranked based on the number of bike lanes and routes, bike commuters, cycling events and renowned bike shops.

Minneapolis has 127 miles of bikeways, with 83 of those being off-street trails. There is more bike parking per capita in Minneapolis than any other city in the country. The city also has many bike amenities and big bicycling community.

In June, Minneapolis will start the largest bike-share program in the country.

The worst cycling cities are Birmingham, Ala., Jacksonville, Fla., and Memphis, Tenn.

Told you so!

thanks to J.R. for the heads up

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Fix Memphis said...

Yeah Memphis! We may be at the bottom, but at least we're on the list!