April 20, 2010

MMI Friday

Went exploring/drinking

outside Miller Park

Next stop was this rad old cemetary (I think it was called Lakewood) to check out the "valley of the kings." The valley of the kings is this little triangle where the Blatz, Schlitz, and Pabst families all have monuments facing each other.

Obviously you know who Pabst is, but if you're not familiar with Schlitz or Blatz, I'm pretty sure our friendship is over.

The monuments weren't as large or ornate as I was expecting but they were old (1800's), tasteful and very very cool.


"Lost May 7, 1875"


Mark and his pink bike imagining the metal album cover opportunities

In the cemetary we rode over this bridge and underneath it was this drained pond, which of course I had to ride. It was a little dirty but the banks were good.IMG_2170
the pictures don't really do it justice, they cruved all the way around and were nicely angled. This photo makes them look way flatter than they were. Check out the little gap to play on in the upper right.

We then headed down to the Kinnick Kinnick (sp?) river. Riding these aquaducts was a blast, the Dropout was the perfect bike for jumping the upeneded slabs and dirt mounds. Check out the banks in the next couple of photos. They too were freaking awesome.


The dudes on the left are both brewers (beer not baseball) Luther on the left works for Lakefront Brewery and was one of the responsibles for the Fixed Gear Ale. Jakob on the right, brews for Stonefly Brewing Company an excellent brew pub.
So I says to them, if you guys are such beer aficionado's why the Modelo?
Their reply "Big can."


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Looks like you guys had an awesome day - wish I could have been here for that shit!


Sveden said...

Thats why I'm glad I have big cans of Surly available in MPLS.

Lazer said...


Well, This is why I'M glad we have Tall Boys in any one of these varieties available in brew city.
And for the record, you should have been there too.

Next time I want in on the next MKE historic history ride.