April 24, 2010

Lemond Mountain Bike?

spotted this Lemond Mtb outside of Palmers. I've never seen a Lemond mountain bike, nor ever heard of one. Anybody got any details? Like maybe who the frame builder would have been.

columbus tubing, internal routing


og regal



Randall said...

Hey I know about that bike! It was built by Santana in 1992, and it's actually just a rebranded Santana Moda. Only 10 were produced EVER. They guy who owns it (Tom?) bought it new back in the day, and it's the only bike he has and rides it everyday. I must have talked to him for about 30 minutes one day when I ran into him and The Satanic Mechanic riding around together.

Dann said...

Some more info over at mombat.org and pics of a sweet paint job.


Anonymous said...

I have the same mountain bike in a Team Z paint job. I can confirm that it's made by Santana and only 10 were done. I've never seen a pic of any other one other than mine.

The link to the mombat.org site is for a different LeMond (made by Clark Kent, perhaps?).