June 21, 2011


New Arrivals

picked up Earl Scruggs: Dueling Banjos, Fred Blassie: Pencil Neck Geek, supposedly Hank Williams earliest recordings, a first edition copy of Loaded (if anyone out there doesn't own this record you really should, the word "foundational" doesn't do it justice), a Flying Burrito Brothers album (not a great one, but still), and a Redd Kross record.

I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the Redd Kross and I don't know much about them beyond the fact that I love the song Linda Blair.

Now let's take a closer look at this Fred Blassie record as I am a sucker for wrestling personalities, and this little item is gold.


"you can scream, punch, puke, and pogo till your ass falls off, but you'll never be BLASSIE.


if you're not totes jealous yet, check out this insert paper mask

I originally convinced B. to buy it as a gift for her brother since I knew he'd love it, but after seeing how sweet it is I am so keeping it. Sorry James.


KOPISH said...

That Red Kross record is absolutely killer! They have a great track on the "Hell Comes to Your House" comp too - they cover "Puss and Boots" by the New York Dolls. Good purchas man!

Anonymous said...

if you're a sucker for musical wrestling personalities you ought to get into the Dictators. Handsome Dick Manitoba is quite the character.