June 2, 2011

Gadsden Flag

Bridget and I were thinking about a flag since our house came equipped with a flagpole mount. The question is then, which flag to get. Of course there is a logical answer, but what else is out there? I thought of countries but I have no strong allegiances, though B. is Irish as fuck. We considered state flags, perhaps Wisconsin so that the neighbors who are Minnesotans know they can suck it, and B. did go to college in and expresses profound feelings of like for my home state, but in the end it seemed sort of combative.

Then I came across the Gadsden flag and I thought all of my dreams were answered.


This here is a classic American fuck you, something that I can really get behind and support fully.

I was all stoked and was even kicking it around as t-shirt idea for All-City since the iconography is classic and public domain. But in doing research I learned that it has been adopted by the Tea Party idiots as a symbol.
One more thing they are ruining.

So that's out, I don't mind someone thinking I'm a crazed idiot hick, but I certainly do mind someone thinking that I believe in extreme right wing politics. Assholes.

(I still might do it as a Bike Jerks shirt because I'm so in love with it. Imagine "Bike Jerks" written out in logs above the snake. It'd be sick.)


Cort said...

I want a new flag for my trailer instead of the "BOB" flag. Awesome but still a noticeable color, no pirate flags.

Is your flag pole an honest to god vertical pole or is it the kind that hangs off your house like people who put up bunny flags and pineapple flags and change them with the season?

Polka said...

ha I had the same idea. check these stickers I made. http://lessartsymorefartsy.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/dont_tread_on_me_ruj1.jpg. and fuck the tea party, those ass clowns can't rain on my parade...

Jeff said...

yeah it's the bunny flag kind.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was bummed to find out all the Gadsden Flags I saw in New England last summer where Tea Party supporters. I really identified with the sentiment that was truly American. Take it back with the Bike Jerks logo.

Cort said...

Even better, Jeff! Bunnies with fangs and blood, pineapple bombs, Welcome to the jungle, baby! You're gonna die!

Anonymous said...

Dude I have a saddle bag with that flag and its a fuck you to the tea party.

Anonymous said...

That flag is pure awesome and I wouldn't let anyone ruin it for you.

Don't fall for the bullshit. The Tea Party is about less government, not racism or any other crap that the media has hung on it so well. There are idiots in any movement.

Anonymous said...

Get the Gadsden naval ensign variant. Its clearly a Gadsden flag, but just different enough that it won't look quite like the yellow version. If you have a Navy or Marine Corps connection in the family, its that much more appropriate as its still flown today by the sea services.

I have one hanging in my classroom. My students love it. You can see the Continental Navy's version here: http://www.bucklinsociety.net/Gadsten-dont-tread-flag.htm .