June 2, 2011

GMS Bike Part 3

So last night I swapped around some more parts on the GMS Bike. I took off the J-bars and put on the original stem and some tall mountain risers. After trying two different cruiser bar setups (whether or not you consider the J-bar a cruiser bar), I'm back to a mountain position so that the bike is more fun to hit dirt on.

From this:

To this:

To this:

To This:

the bars are the super rad old Nitto made Salsa steel risers

I'm thinking it's finally done now that we've pretty much come full circle, but I'm not trimming the housing until I get a few rides on it. The idea with this bike is that it's the trailer/errand bike and is capable of longer crosstown rides or out to Wirth for some laps.

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