April 4, 2011


was one of those almost perfect days.

Met at Josh's at 11:30

Matty's first barefoot ride of the year
(when he rode from No Dak to Portland he only wore shoes twice)

Josh's Capricorn with the mud on it from last weekend's ride when he pushed the LRT as far as he could before the snow made it impassable. Today we planned on heading back out on the LRT to Eden Prairie with plenty of beer stops along the way provided it had now thawed sufficiently and riding back on the road. A nice mix of terrain and hopefully the first good gravel ride of the year.

sports drink


L-R Charles, Aaron, Trevor, Matt, Josh
(Charles and Aaron were along for part of the ride)

1st beer stop

You can follow along with the ride as my bike gets muddier.

I mounted the 32c T-Servs that I won at Stupor for the ride. I was super excited to start exploring all of the possibilities that being able to mount fat tires opens up. And I was pumped to get the Mr. Pink dirty for the first time. (dude don't even, it's too easy)

2nd beer stop

hobbit style

3rd beer stop


final beer stop

So after that amazing ride (no idea on the mileage, I'm guessing around 50), I went home ate, showered, and took a nap. Then me and B. went over to Artcrank


Then we headed over to the Cabooze to go see Andy Lambert clog in his Bluegrass band Pert Near Sandstone, but after locking up I realized that I had left my wallet in the backpack I had used earlier during the ride. This caused a bunch of friction cause the show sounded great and B.Ridge wanted to be in there, but other than that glitch. Perfect Minneapolis day.


bhannon said...

I would love to know what it says under the band Three Finger Demon on that flier, because I use to be in a band of that same name.

Mud said...

Thats a pretty badass day for sure!

BryanRidesBikes said...

I had quite the similar day. Except rode around South mpls instead of out to EP. Pert was great as always.