April 1, 2011

Der Brand der Rütt-Arena Burning

Some German guy emailed me this:

Dear friends of cycling,

would you please take a few minutes of your time for this message.

Since more than 20 years I am interested in the life and career of the
German track cyclist Walter Rutt.

I own a unique collection of memorabilia about this sportsman.

My Walter Rutt website recieved different awards.

After years of searching I found a short film that shows the burn of
Walter Rutts velodrome in 1931. The "Rutt-Arena" was Berlins most famous
cycle track of its time.

The old film was restored by a specialist and you can watch it now in
HD-Quality on my Walter Rutt website. (www.walter-ruett.de/Seite54.html)

I would be very thankful if you could put a note on your blog, it would
help to keep the memory of the athlete alive.

Kind regards

Bernd Wagner

So there you go.

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