April 11, 2011

Bike Camping Friday


Some dudes were planning on leaving work early on Friday to go bike camping out at Carver park. I had been kicking around the idea of joining them all week with the caveat that I get my bike ready for camping by then. Well on Thursday when I was supposed to be working on it, I went out and rode street instead. I showed up to work with no intention of going camping, but they were stoked which got me bummed that I wasn't going because who likes to miss out on fun?

Lucky for me everything I needed was rounded up quickly between the clothes I had stashed at my desk and the gear I could borrow from work. So I called the B. and let her know I wasn't coming home that night.

from my desk: crocs, hoodie, wool sweater, tradeshow fleece hat, second water bottle, dickies
borrowed: soundsystem, headlamp, sleeping bag, hammock, tarp

I shoved all that shit into my backpack and I was ready to roll. It was awesome to be able to assemble everything needed in such short order. It was also nice to thumb my nose at my stupid notion that I needed to have a bike setup for carrying and hauling to do the trip. Just bring less stuff and ride whatever bike you've got.


what a great way to start the Spring. Big thanks to Elliott for organizing, big thanks to the crew.

Now that I think of it, I should also mention that this was my first experience using a camping hammock and I've got to say that it worked great. It's lighter than a tent and gives a much more secure feeling than just having a tarp shelter. In fact I'm planning on buying a system for myself. The nice thing is that I can use both the fly and the hammock (separately) while camping in my van.


The Boo said...

Dude that is so badass. Love the hammock/tarp setup. Way better than packing a tent!

Mud said...

Yeah I've got the exact same ENO setup for camping... It's good but I'm thinking about investing in an actual sleeping hammock that will let you lay flat... they are more like a tent hanging in the air than a hammock.

critiquethecritique said...


kevin said...

I love to try this with my friends. But I need to buy a camping tents first. Thanks for your great idea dude. You have an awesome blog articles. weeeee i'm excited.

heather andrews said...

Have you considered submitting your trip to the Adventure Cycling Association's Bike Overnights website? BikeOvernights.org. I'm an intern with the organization right now and I know they're looking for more trips with lots of photo options to be submitted!