April 25, 2011

Bandit Cross This Saturday - Minneapolis


Saturday 4/30
Hobo Camp, Bryn Mawr Meadows

Racing starts promptly at 6
Trail Work starts at 5
Free to all
All bikes welcome though one cog is preferred

If you haven't heard, the Minneapolis institution known as Hobo Camp is on the chopping block. While I've been getting mixed information on when the demolition will actually happen (could be soon, could be next year), one things for certain: better enjoy it while it lasts.

If you missed out last year I sure hope you make it to this one, bandit cross has been, at least for me, a few days last fall that really reaffirmed my faith in the Minneapolis cycling community. No bullshit attitudes, no whining, just folks having a great time in the company of their friends both old and new.

The idea is to spread cyclocross to riders who find the resources required for "real races" and the atmosphere of said races prohibitive and to provide a fun positive atmosphere to learn, ride hard, and have fun.

Please show up at 5 if you can lend a hand to prep the course prior to the race. If you have a saw please bring one, there are a couple of downed trees that we need to take care of (bring a rake too if you can).

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