April 13, 2011

Favorite Things: Tri-Flow


This is an easy one. Tri-Flow is simply one of the greatest things ever. I keep both a drip bottle, and an aerosol in my workshop all of the time.

Whenever I true a wheel I lube the nipples first, when I've got STI or Rapidfire shifter problems I shoot some Tri-Flow in there and it gets worked out. They don't cal it "mechanic in a can" for nothing. Shit fixes everything, stubborn derailleur pulleys, squeeky door hinges, you can use it to penetrate rusted parts. It's just good for everything.

There was a time in the late 90's when dry lubes were the hot thing. For at least a year I had a squeeky chain due to the dry lube flaking off all in the concept of having a "cleaner" drivetrain. Well one day I had no dry lube, so I used a can of Tri-Flow. Holy shit was my mind blown. My bike had gone silent and was smooth as silk. I had totally forgotten what a real lubricant can do. Everything else is marketing bullshit.



CraiggleS said...

pfft... only butter is real.

agleck7 said...

What sort of drivetrain cleaning/maintenance do you do since you don't use a dry lube?
Just wipe off the black grime every so often?

Jeff said...

A wise man once told me. Cleaning your bike is for people who don't ride bikes.

I just put more lube on.

agleck7 said...

Respect. As someone lacking lots of tools maintenance skills, I feel like my only hope to avoid having to replace stuff too often is to clean. Also, I'm mainly a mountain biker so cleaning is a little more necessary (I treat my commuter like sh*t).

ps, love the Favorite Things series

Amanda Sundvor said...

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.... put more lube on? Come on now, you at least have to wipe it down every once and awhile or that dirt the lube (that wasn't wiped after applied) attracts acts like liquid sandpaper and wears your drive train more quickly. Moving parts need to have lubrication of some sort and be free of dirt... kind of... and that requires a rag from time to time. Give back to your bike a little for all it does for you. Hi five.

Jeff said...

You've been living on the West Coast too long, you've gone soft.

Amanda Sundvor said...

Bro.... NoDak born and raised. That shit sticks with you. They don't salt the roads here because there is no ice to melt and I do not miss a salty bike. Living there is like doing things harder than they need to be done. I love being from Fargo, because it makes me appreciate Portland so much more.

Matt said...

Heres' my routine. Feel free to say its bullshit, but it works. Every 75 miles put the bike on the stand and hold a rag over the chain as you turn the crank. Next hold the rag over the chainrings as you turn. get in between teeth if you are obsessive.When things looks clean, put 1 drop of TriFlow on each roller as u turn crank. No whining about this. turn the crank slowly to help it settle in. Now again hold the rag over the chain while turning crank. You don't need any oil on outside of chain. Wipe RD pulleys and chainrings again. Should be less than 5 min.