April 26, 2011

Gorgeous Giordana Track


At One on One last Friday one of the bikes in the shop that really caught my eye was this Giordana Trackie that was hanging out on the show floor.

Gene's always got a somewhat revolving door of hot bikes in the shop, and at first I just thought it was a cool vintage track frame. Upon closer inspection though the unique treatment of the main tubes was something that I had never seen or heard of before.


The story with the bike is that it belongs to a woman, only a total badass could use the drops with that much drop from the saddle, who only rode it at the velodrome. Never dropped, Never crashed.

It's always cool to see something that you didn't know existed, I've seen other Giordana frames but they were all standard tubesets.

Check out the whole thing

There was no tubing decal, and I didn't get a chance to closely inspect the frame. If anybody knows anything about this tubeset, I'd appreciate you dropping some knowledge.

I was just thinking that it's funny to include the phrase "it was only ridden at the track" in a post about a track bike. Like it's a given that it's seen time on the street. Sure some rode them as winter trainers, but most vintage track bikes that have remained with the original owners have only seen velodrome use, which is cool and all but it also seems like a bit of a shame since these machines are so much fun to ride everywhere.


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CraiggleS said...

rear wheel needs some dishing.

Don't know anything about that tubeset, but I know some of those early Giordana frames were built by Dario Pegoretti.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the tubes are a "Mexico II" set from a French company called Excell. Super rare!!!