January 11, 2010

Snowboard Trip

We rode the Porkies and took advantage of the Snocat access. It was super fun and the woods and snow were simply amazing. The only issue is that one of the lifts is out, so you have to make a very long, very flat traverse at the bottom which was terrible. The whole process of going up the slow lift, riding to the cat pickup, riding the cat, and coming down, takes about 50 minutes. The cat only runs from 11-3 so you don't get many runs in, but they're very very good. If snow was forecasted we would have made the trip up to Bohemia for our second day of riding but it was dry and we were sore.

I'm a very average snowboarder, I can't do shit for tricks, but I love riding woods. The woods at the Porkies are the best in the midwest that I have ever ridden, and Bohemia is supposed to be better. We found a cheap cabin, ate two awesome meals, and got wasted with some snowmobile bros. You should go.

Lake Superior in the background

Stoned Tone

there was at least two feet of powder in the woods, it was pillowy and amazing

the one room cabin we rented for 70 bucks. It was awesome, but the dude running it sold us wet wood. total bitch move
restaurants and a bar within walking distance.



making do with what you have


the french toast with granola on it was fucking amazing, and only $5