January 7, 2010

The Idea: Scorcher race

The photos I recently posted from Rydjor and the announcement that the Almanzo 100 will no longer have a single/fixed category (I am finally planning on doing the race this year and I firmly believe that undertaking such an endeavor with a single cog (especially fixed) is a far different endeavor in mindset and effort than doing it with gears at your disposal) has made me really wanting to do a gravel road scorcher style fixed only (maybe coaster brakes) race or ride.
I'll get working on it and let you know how things progress. Obviously the race would encourage og badassery. no brakes, wool, toe straps, etc. but none of that tweed ride crap. fuck a fashion show.
this photo needs a solid color background bad


Andy said...

a wool only race would be og

mark$ter said...

You know I am down.

Bloodclot said...

OG Badassery? Dude, what is OG about a color-coordinated fixed gear Freestylin' Party? Nothin' you are doing is OG. There should be one class only at these races: RWYB: RUN WHUT? YOU BRUNG!