January 16, 2010

Art Shanty Opening Weekend

from their site

Art Shanty Projects is here! It is impossible to represent the sensation of finally experiencing all 20 shanties in place on the ice, not to mention all the performances and activities! Full-bodied anticipation surrounds ASP's opening weekend.

Art Shanty Projects is free and open to the public every weekend (10am-5pm), this Saturday through February 7th. Visit www.ArtShantyProjects.org for day-by-day updates, photos, and links to the websites for the individual shanties.

Saturday is opening day!! The celebrated BIcicle Race - a race that takes place on a treacherous ice track each day at noon. Bundle up, bring your bike and brave the ice! At 12:30, Downtown Minneapolis Postmaster Cynthia M. Larson presents the official unveiling of a brand new ASP Art Post postage stamp , created by artist Will Schar! The Civil Announcement Service begins at 1 pm, so be sure to get your message to the community out on the ice, or listen for fresh local happenings, news, and opinions. Also at one, Marc Gartman performs bluegrass in the Shan-Tea . Stop by the Library Shanty between one and three to pick a passage for musical interpretation by Tony Rubin. And take a walk just west of the projects on Saturday from 1-4pm to see Janet Lobberecht's performance "Untitled (Border Displacement)", where she will explore boundaries and time with temporal installation using snow and ice inspired by Dennis Oppenheim's Annual Ring piece.

Sunday Exclusive - Body Cartography's architectural performance, 1/2 Life Shanty, starts at 1pm out on the ice. They will create "instant shelters and patterned forms across the white spaces of Medicine Lake." This performance is a must-see!

You have a flood of choices when it comes to all-day-all-weekend events!Stop by the I.D.E.A. Shanty for Circuit Bending to create original music using old toys, contribute to The Ongoing Novel at The Library Shanty, and stare or glare wildly at your future as interpreted by the tools available to theFanta Shanty artists during their timely Weekend of Divination. Warm up with coco, coffee, or a cup of soup at the ArtCar Taxi Shanty . The Nordic Immersion Village Art Shanty promises a day full of activities for their Swedish Weekend, and The Great Teacup Trade encourages visitors and artists to trade their wares (anything from an fleeting tale to a robust cookie) for a teacup made by artist Kelsey Nelsen of the Shan-Tea. Ace Stellar Shanty Opening Weekend includes astrological readings all day, then stop back for stargazing from 7-9pm. If you discover your blood cooling, don't hesitate to visit the Dance Shanty or The Black Bania , where temperatures run high.

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