January 6, 2010

New Dropout build

just finished my new Dropout
dropout 003
this is the production geometry with the new gussets
the only thing I'm not digging is the new color, it kind of looks like a girls bike (hopefully my beard will help balance the equation and allow me to pull it off). Though I have no one to blame for the color but myself.

here are the details:
All-City production Dropout frameset in a lovely Smurfway
Profile cranks
Milwaukee Stout guard
Odyssey plastic Pedals
OG Holdfast straps
All-City proto New Sherrif hubs
Velocity Chukker rims
Fyxation tires
Cane Creek headset
Spank bar and stem


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

I always mention this, but you should have gone with the original dark blue color you had! I loved that.

scissorneck said...

Put a black fork on that bad boy and that shit will look dope....

Jeff said...

I agree with both of you. It needs a black fork, and the og blue was awesome. If we decide to do a blue version, it will definitely incorporate the original dark blue.

Anonymous said...

"gussets are band aids to cover poor design"

Jeff said...

sometimes you end up bowing to convention due to logistical concerns