January 19, 2010

MIke Carney Single Handedly Unites the Fixed Gear Universe

with this hella proper east coast X west coast collabo joint

aiyo, man you remember that shit Carney did a while back
muthafuckaz said wasnt gonna work (that crazy shit)
stupid shit man, aiyo Mike
why dont you come out from the piano
and bust this crazy shit
leg over grind


see all of you in Milwaukee, can't fucking wait


carney said...

you are out of your mind. Plus, the grind is called the stanky leg.

Jeff said...

gotta get drunk before the day begins
before my mom starts bitching about my friends

Zerocool said...

if The fresh prince himself got down with like some rad bro-esque dude like busta rhymes.. was was all like bang!... Bacon and eggs... grindin stanky legs... way 2 bridge tha gap pac n big can now cuddle in ther white mansion in the sky... BUCK!