January 25, 2010

Midwest Mayhem Wrap Up

It's hard to really put into words what this weekend meant for me without sounding like a total cheesedick. I'm guessing that the significance of what went down (and believe me this was significant on many fronts that don't involve riding) won't really become clear until we have some historic perspective (in the fixed gear world one year would be considered historic perspective, since 2005 was forever ago) on the event.

Yes the riding was incredible, but the things that I'm going to remember happened between the events. A huge portion of the North American fixed gear community was in attendance, and created one of the most positive and encouraging environments I've ever been around. (I feel a little silly saying so, but affirming isn't an inapt description of my feelings toward this weekend) As my friend Joshy put it, "I wasn't around for the creation of bmx or skateboarding, but I'm getting to witness this." It's another groundswell of youth, and community, with bikes at the center, but the bikes always take a backseat to the people. It's the people that made it all so special.

We drank $2.50 mixed drinks, sang David Allan Coe at the tops of our lungs to the dismay of pretty much everybody, met friends in person whom we had previously only known digitally, and made the most of the time we had together, which as always was way too brief.

I'm not going to do a bunch of shoutouts because I'm sure to miss somebody, but for you dudes that were there whom I was lucky enough to spend time with (you know who you are) whether or not I had the chance to say it, I fucking love you dudes, and can't wait for another excuse to get together. The people at this event, the egos and lack of them, the time, the location, it was all pretty much perfect. I left town with new brothers in arms, and a deeper bond with the ones I came into it with.

My thanks and congratulations to the organizers you created something really special. I hope you are as proud of this achievement as I am thankful for it. To the riders in the competition, congrats on stepping up and putting yourself on the line.

To my homie Mike Carney who jacked his ankle during warm ups, get well man, can't wait to ride with you as soon as possible.

I feel lucky to have been there and luckier to be with the people I was with.


Here's hoping to see many of you at the BFF NYC, Prolly save some space on your floor.


fuzzy said...

you are such a big teddy bear Jeff...

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