January 14, 2010

ATH Commuting in Madness

check out this film from Athens. Looks Rad, maybe we'll get a chance to see it stateside sometime. BFF perhaps?
poster ATHsmall-ER[2]
«Dream of a city, and then go out and make it»
local/athens, March 2007

The production house of action films «Pervs Entertainment» and local/Athens crew, whose basic purpose is to create actions in the public space of Athens, are presenting the fixed gear film “ATH: Commuting In Madness”, the first cinematic documentation of the fixed gear scene of Athens at the art multispαce “SIX D.O.G.S.”, directed by acclaimed snowboard/skateboard cinematographer Harris Skaftouros.

«ΑΤΗ: Commuting In Madness» is the collective effort of a group of urban cyclists (Fixed Gear Athens).
Its purpose is to jumpstart a cinematic project, a work in progress, documenting the experience of riding fix in Athens.
Its target is to inspire everyday people to take up cycling of any kind, and change their lives forever.

Director Harris Skaftouros after shooting as part of the Silent Progression team several snowboard and skateboard videos talks about why choosing cycling and Fixed Gear Athens in particular as his new project.

“… Bikes are freedom. They transform Athens from a highly polluted, ugly and claustrophobic city into a vast playground of free expression. You turn into a better person! … Track bikes are offering the required minimalism as far as aesthetic is concerned for this kind of documentation. The constant movement of the feet, the strict geometries, their colours and the personal customization give meaning to urban cycling and transform the experience of the city. This transformation is not happening in Athens without reason, a brutal city, unorganized with so much car violence. .

Co-production team of local/Athens states:

“If you see us riding hard Athens asphalt is because we dream of rivers running under its highways.
Within the urban landscape bike are our freedom.
Go Independent!
Support all underground culture!
Destroy Your Car- Liberate Athens!”

«ΑΤΗ: Commuting In Madness» was shot entirely with no financial aid of any kind from any institution or individual, apart from the people that are involved in it.

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