January 14, 2010

3 Speed Big Block

posted my current 3 speed fixed Big Block setup on the AC blog. check it out
bigblock 002
bigblock 007
bigblock 003
bigblock 005


richard dreyer said...

nice build jeff. i was really close to doing the same for my winter commuter, but didn't end up doing it. i am curious how shifting feels while pedaling ... is there any temporary disengagement and then a harsh jerk back into fixed-gear pedaling? let us know how it works out!

Jeff said...

it's just a delay in the shift, but not harsh at all. you need to back off the pedal pressure a bit. I wouldn't try to shift while going hard uphill.

Dan said...

Is there any extra slop in the driveline with the gear mechanism?

Jeff said...

the shift delay is kind of weird and there is definitely some slop when you trackstand. Making the first shift also requires alot of force. I think alot of it may simply be dialing in my cable tension and learning how the hub should be ridden while shifting. Most Sturmey's (if I"m recalling correctly) are supposed to be shifted when coasting. I think i need to figure out what to do with pedal pressure to ease the shifts.

I'll definitely post some updates on the blog as I get more familiar with the hub.

Jeff said...

it seems if I backpedal a second the shift goes right away.