January 5, 2010

Commuting: -7 degrees

This post is in continuance of my previous posts:

Commuting: 10 Degrees

Commuting: 40 degrees

Right about now I'd kill for 40 degree temps.

This post expands on my outfit for 10 degrees. This morning's ride was -7 so with windchill while riding, we're talking about a feels like -20 or so.
commute 006
A thicker, warmer softshell jacket is added instead of the lighter version. Two longsleeve wool jeseys worn under. My core was plenty warm, the jacket is a Marmot, but unfortunately the model escapes me and it's not currently handy.

commute 008
the only change to my headwear is the addition of a balaclava

Not pictured, I added a second layer of wool tights to my legs and ass. I prefer the freedom of movement and lightness of Dickies, but they're not super warm.

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