February 16, 2009

Hi-Five Shirts

Due to demand, I have decided to do another run of the Hi-five shirts. I will be filling all the orders I have received for them via email and will be making extra which I will post up on the site for sale. If you sent me an email stating that you wanted one, your name should be on the list below. If you want one but haven't sent me an email, please do it before Wednesday. I will be making extras so there should be plenty to go around.

Amanda S- small men's
Angela R- medium men's medium women's
Jill M- Men's large
Mike R-women's medium
Melissa D- men's medium
Burma- mens' medium
Lara C-women's medium
Ross W-womens' small
Charles O-men's medium

1 comment:

Jon B said...

How could a person go about getting one of these shirts?