February 9, 2009

Capricorn on Etsy

My main man Brad is selling some stuff on Etsy. Those racks are amazing! check em out: Capricorn's Etsy site
Errand Rack $200-225

The Errand Rack is sized to hold one grocery bag, though it's been used to carry everything from cold beer to hot coffee. What you use it for is up to you. It's designed to fit on most bicycle forks, provided that it's drilled for a brake. Stainless struts attach to either axle or skewers (please let me know which) and their length and angle are adjustable. Constructed from cro-moly tubing, with stainless hardware and wooden deck. Powdercoated black for durability and treated internally with linseed oil for rust prevention. Wooden deck is also treated

56CM Fixed Gear $1000

56cm fixed-gear only frame (no room for rear brake!). 74 deg head and seat tube angles. 56cm top tube. Bosses and eyelets for full fenders and one set of water carrier bosses. Fully fillet-brazed with silver brazed, lugged fork. Powdercoated "Capricot" orange. True Temper Verus tubes and Paragon Dropouts, all American made! Light, fast, simple, and fun. Includes Campagnolo Record headset. Made by hand here in Minneapolis

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wmharrison said...

that looks like a hot frame. i'd buy it if i could afford too....