February 24, 2009

We've finally made it!

Bike Snob NYC was making fun of one our old video's today, a sure sign that Bike Jerks is finally on the map.

Now the esteemed Snob didn't mention us by name (I'm crossing my fingers and scrunching my eyes tightly shut in hopes of that day coming) but he did post a link to the All City Championship trailer and this screen shot of Connor.

Here's the video in question. I kind of have a hard time watching it now because the riding seems so dated. I watched the Bootleg Sessions Vol2 the other day and felt exactly the same way. Riding from a year ago is almost painful to watch at this point, since things have progressed so far.

One of the fun things for me is that if you type "fixed gear tricks" into youtube this is usually the first video that pops up, which means that people watch it and post messages of how gay we are. Now I don't take internet punditry too seriously, however the one thing that does bother me is fourteen year old dipshits saying that the song in the video sucks.

If you can't get down with Kim Wylde and "Kids in America" then god (yours not mine) help you because you've lost your sense of fun.


Elisa M said...

Those 14 year olds are morons. That song is awesome and perfect for the video! (which is also awesome)

carney said...

you guys and your bikes are gay in America

Anonymous said...

carney wears womens underwear and couldn't do half that shit if he tried
keep this shit up

Anonymous_cause_it's_popular said...

at least they're boy shorts...and sometimes bikini bottoms