February 16, 2009

Peacock Groove Gets Ready for NAHBS part 2

So I stopped by my man Erik's shop yesterday and he had more bikes back from paint for NAHBS. Erik is known in some circles for his mountain bikes, but this year for NAHBS he's throwing down several track bikes. Here's a sneak preview of what he's got going.

I love Erik's work, his greatest strength is that unlike most small builders there is no standard Peacock Groove. He does everything from large tired snow bikes, to sick 29'ers to 26" duallys, road and track bikes. He does it all.
I'm telling you this, not to be preachy about buying local, or to give him a handjob. I am telling you this, because I am constantly impressed with what he can do. I think he is one of the most talented and weirdest people I know, and I think it's bullshit that few outside of Minneapolis know who he is or what he does.
He takes risks and consistently pulls it off.

* click on image for larger image, it's worth it to figure out everything that's going on in these photos

Does this paint job seem familiar?

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