February 19, 2009

Getting your money's worth

These are the pedals and toe clips I've been riding on my Gangsta since fall. I was testing the leather fronts to see what kind of improvement in the feel of the toe clips they provide (that review is a story for a different blog). I have been riding the MKS Stream pedal for a while now and really like them for freestyle use. The bearings feel great, they accept double straps, have a very nice profile to the teeth of the cages, and are completely double sided (identical).

I recently pulled them off to install plastic mountain doubles and Odyssey plastic pedals. I have had a set of the plastic doubles for a while now, but haven't ridden them much. So far I love the clips and they are way more comfortable than any metal clip I've used. Although the obvious downside is that unlike metal clips which usually bend before they break (as seen in the photo) plastic toe clips fail catastrophically. The plastic pedals are amazing for pedal grinds and I'm really enjoying this new setup. I'll let you know how it goes.

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