February 1, 2009

Supor Bowl XII Results

Here are some images from my Stupor Bowl experience as well as the race results* I will tell you all about the race tomorrow when I have more energy.

Texas Twins
C-Murder & London Broil - SF



Speed Race Men's
1. Austin Horse-NYC
2. Jeff Frane (me)-MPLS
3. Matt Allen-MPLS

Speed Race Women's*
1. Carrie-MPLS
2. Amy C-MPLS
3. Alicia-MPLS

Stupor Men's
Nicky G-MPLS Messenger

Stupor Women's
Kelly Mac-MPLS (that's two in a row)

* results are to the best of my knowledge

Congrats to the winners, and a big thanks to Leif and Skinny for showing us all one hell of a good time.

See you next year.


Anonymous said...

nice work man!
and thanks for contributing too.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH! it's been a loong long time since we have been schooled by the out of towners. ouch.

Anonymous said...

correction for above: it's been along time since one of mpls's fastest routed an out of towner to the win

Sveden said...

Alicia(MPLS) was called as the 2nd women's speed. So maybe the amended results should read Carrie, Steph, Alicia?

Bike Jerks said...


I got those results from the top finisher the next day. I don't know for sure, what the official results are.

Did Alicia get third? Can someone contact her and find out. I'd love to get some clarification of what the results really were, so that I can have an accurate post and give credit where it's due.

Sveden said...

I'll drop you an email.

Bike Jerks said...

I spoke with Amy C this afternoon and she confirms that Carrie won and she should have been 2nd. I have not gotten confirmation on 3rd place yet.

swiggs said...

I'm positive it was Alicia, she says she came in before Steph and Steph doesn't disagree.

So there's a box of schwag that needs to go to either Amy C, or Alicia can trade her stuff with Amy and Alicia take the unclaimed box (wherever it went). Or I can divvy up the contents I got. I don't think I can use a Surly front disc hub anytime soon.

I had an extra manifest in the bag I took, with Mario (4th mens) written on it. I think Leif and Skinny were calling Maria for women's 3rd (who doesn't exist) Maybe Mario's shit was stuffed in my bag???