February 24, 2009

Monster Track Weekend and DVD

*Text from Michael Green

This weekend, Monster Track X, the tenth annual edition of NYC's most intense underground alleycat street race, will be blazing through city streets making heros out of ordinary messengers, and a legend out of one. Monster Track, the most outlaw of outlaw alleycat bicycle races, has only one rule: No Brakes.

Captured by Play In Traffic Productions, Monster Track the DVD reveals this underground phenom from the inside.
The DVD features:

-- Track Kaiju,

a short film documenting the adventures of Sino and Hal, two messengers from Tokyo, who come to NYC to race Monster Track and are shownaround town by world famous messenger Mike Dee.

--Monster Track a Race Video,

a short video capturing the thrill of Monster Track from the only perspective that counts: the racers. Featuring the helmet camera footage of Lucas Brunelle following the finest city riders through the middle of live traffic.

--Monster Track Not a Race Video,

a series of interviews revealing the minds of the Veteran messengers, the rookies racers and everyone in between right before the big race and answering the number one question: why race Monster Track?

Get Ready for Monster Track 10. Buy the video and come to NYC to race.
see the trailer at: www.monstertrack8.com
get details about the race at: www.monstertrackx.com

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beckel said...

Fuckin wonderful man. Thanks for the shots. Mad props to Erik for the fruit stripe tribute and all of his other wonderful creations.