December 20, 2011

Winter Essentials - Footwear

One of the best things about this warm snap that we've been having the last two weeks is the fact that I've been getting to ride my nice weather bikes and my normal riding shoes.

While I own a pair of winter boots,they are more of a necessary evil than something I really enjoy using. The reason is that compared to my Sidis they feel like crap on the pedals. Not as stiff, not as responsive, but of course they are the trick to get me through the really cold months.

So with that background information, let's breakdown my winter footwear selections.

Anything from 25 degrees to 40, I'm using my normal riding shoes, plus a pair of overboots. The overboots typically only last a winter or so since the tread on my mountain shoes tend to cut through the base.

Currently I'm using a pair of Louis Garneau overboots that I bought last spring at The Hub for $10 on closeout.
shoes, warm sock, and overboot

For anything colder, I'm onto my old standby Lake Boots. These things have seen me through the last four winters, though I did replace the boa once. I keep waiting for them to die so I can try another brand, but it seems as if they'll last forever.

The initial investment is kind of pricey on winter boots, but with four years on these boots, I'm happy to say that I've more than gotten my moneys worth. These are great for 10-20 degrees, but anything colder and I need to add an overboot to these as well.

Keep your feet warm, and keep riding.

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