December 28, 2011

Skate Spot

Was down by Hidden Falls on Monday and nabbed these shots of the famous roofs and the ledges. I can't believe that with all the riders who have come through in the last few years that we've never taken any of them down here to ride.

It'd be kind of tight on a big bike, but I'm sure it could be worked out.



one part about this spot that I've never understood is that some of it is skate stopped and some ledges have perfect "coping." What's the deal with that? Did the city do that or did skaters? It looks like the city to me because a whole shitload of non skateable stuff has the coping.

Anybody know the deets?


Anonymous said...

Used to skate down here almost daily before the skatestoppers and coping were put in. The city or park board put in all of the coping and what not in an effort to keep folks off the roofs. No idea why some are blocked and some have coping though.

SheaDPH said...

Holy Shit Jeff! Whenever I come visit, and now that I think about it it needs to be real soon, YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME HERE. Everything looks tight and small, but this spot is wild. Ill make it work!