December 7, 2011


Photo by Steven Nereo

If you grew up skating when I was balls deep in it - early to late 80's - and you didn't know who NATAS KAUPAS was, it was because you were a bacon reeking narc pig cop, and you harshed on my mellow. NATAS was EVERYTHING COOL about the near end of that era - a transitional era from a heavy Californiacentric industry to a this-shit-is-about-to-change-forever era. NATAS could have suggested duct-taping sections of 2x4's to your feet and I would have defended it to the death. Still admire the fuck out of this guy and lo and behold, Tina comes across this article in the RAPHA L.A. blog. Looks like dude still rules. I guess once you do that hard, you can't go back to squaresville. Read it - HERE


Dissident Craiggressor said...

Dude even got me into Public Enemy.

bikehaxor said...

I always wondered what happened to him...thanks for the post..