December 5, 2011


Ever since the dog came into my life I find myself going on a lot more hiking adventures than I used to. He detests the bike trailer so it's inevitable that when we want to get out of the neighborhood and get him off leash that we take the car and leave the bike at home. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, quite the contrary, I've been enjoying getting to know parts of the river that I otherwise wouldn't.

Yesterday, Josh and I hiked a familiar section from when I lived over in the Seward neighborhood. I invariably end up down here during the winter, exploring and riding my bike so if you've been reading the blog since last winter you'll probably recognize some of these favorite spots.

Here are my photos from the day.

the ice cave is just starting to form for the season




I don't know if this tunnel is new, but if it's not, I can't believe that I've never spotted it before. I can't wait to come back with lights and check it out more fully.

This might be the best sleeping cave that I've found yet. As you can see it's been home to somebody.

The difference between a bum cave and a hobo cave is romance.



Where ever you live. Get out there and check it out. Fuck the weather.

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