December 14, 2011

Ice Bikes

I was forwarded this little blurb about vintage ice bikes from the local Bemidji Paper.

Dan Laakso of Outing, Minn., races his grandson Adam Laakso of Bemidji on Lake Bemidji on a pair of vintage ice bicycles on an unusually warm Sunday afternoon. The Hungarian-made bikes have two skate blades and a studded tire. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

Never heard of a bike with a skateblade on the front before, anyone have any additional info?


ATTW said...

Yup... The Minnesota Human Powered Vehicle Association has an annual Ice Bike race. Proclaimed the "World Championships of Ice Bike Racing..." they have several entries of just such a bike. I have ridden one. They really suck at speed but are fun to ride

Sveden said...

Never heard of a skate blade? You've never been to the Human Powered Ice Vehicle World Speed Championships.

Held every year on Roger's Lake.

Neuro Fuzzy said...

Great idea! Looks fun.