December 19, 2011

Sunday Down By the River

photo Jason Boucher

I know I know, but damn if spending time by the river isn't my favorite thing in the world right now. On Sunday Josh and I took full advantage of the ridiculous, Portlandish, temps to get out there again.

In addition to utilizing last week's found shortcut to remove the shitty airport segment of the ride, I was on a mission to get some good photos of the new All-City long sleeve wool jersey.

I'm taking my modeling to new heights with these ones, watch out Tina.

Josh was out breaking in his new NB Zona


We even ran into Salsa head honcho Jason Boucher on the Sibley side of the river. It always does my heart well to see someone else from one of the brands out on a ride. There are way too many people in the bike industry who don't actually ride, and I'm a big believer in never supporting a company who doesn't live it.

Jason also happens to be a very good photographer and I passed my camera over to him for a couple of shots.
I found his use of the surroundings inspiring, and I plan on working more of the context into my own photos in this way.

All in all a super good ride and day, but just wait till you see what went down Sunday evening.


DMC said...

Nice looking rigs,,, and the poses were magazine quality

Industry people that don't live and die by the sword suck!

Anonymous said...

Those Outlier fucks better watch out...

Manny said...

Oh Man. Have you told Little Joshie that if he poses for photos he'll lose his Hesh Cred.