December 26, 2011

Bandit Cross This Saturday!

Finally going to get the Low Road To Sibley monkey off my back and do the race up proper. From the start of the gravel till the first person touches the VFW it's on.


This Saturday

Get in one last hard ride of the year and kick your New Year's celebrations off in style. Meet at Angry Catfish at Noon, we'll group ride to the start of the Low Road and from there it's go time. Feel free come along and see what all the fuss is about, ride it slow or fast. Personally I'm super stoked to crush this thing. It's in prime condition and any cross tires should do.

And just so you know ahead of time, on the Sibley side, near where the beavers are working there is a gap in the road. It's pretty small, like only a foot wide, and I've jumped it every time, but there is totally the potential to stack up big time and wreck your day and bike/wheel. Don't say i didn't warn you.

Beers at the finish, and we'll all be back in town early to get ready for the night to come.

If you've got a single speed make sure to bring it. If you've got gears you have to take a blood oath not to shift.

See you then.


agleck7 said...

I'm home for the holidays and would love to check out this route, but I only have a karate monkey with trail gearing...any chance there's some Bandit Cross loaner bikes?

Jeff said...

dude, ride your Monkey. It'll be great. All bikes welcome.

kevin said...

high noon means 1, right?

Jeff said...

no it just means everyones going to show up stoned at 12.

Anonymous said...

Is this you? Bandit Cross racer