March 1, 2011

Zimbale Saddle Bag

The only things I bought at NAHBS was this saddle bag, a subscription to Rouleur (I love periodicals), and margaritas.
Zimbale is a Korean bag company, imported by some folks from Idaho. The stuff looks very nice and uses high quality (expensive) materials but it was impossible to not get a Chinese knockoff vibe from the product. Obviously this stuff isn't a cheap ripoff as they've added some unique touches, but the designs don't look exactly all that original either.

This saddle bag is their 2.3L model. I bought it because I've been looking for a larger saddle bag that wouldn't hit the backs of my thighs, and this classic black canvas model will look good on all my bikes and hopefully get better looking with age.


I wish there were more holes to shorten this strap. I'll probably punch some for those days when I'm carrying just my tools.

drawstring closure
I know you're probably thinking that my comment above about shortening the strap is bullshit because this drawstring makes that lid superfluous.
I'm crazy, I create my own hell, I want to know for sure that my stuff isn't going to fall out. I find this whole setup disconcerting and will probably have to get a bandanna or some shit to shove in last to make sure nothing comes out.

Waxed Canvas bag for 54 bones (show special). I have no idea what retail is, but I bet it's reasonable.

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