March 3, 2011

MPLS at NAHBS: Appleman

Appleman is a relatively new builder with I believe only three frames built so far. He shares space at the new Peacock Groove facility which is where he first came to my attention.

At NAHBS he was showing his new "DNA" bike
The strands wrapped around the frame resemble the DNA double helix, it gets nerdier than that but I don't have the full story on it.

Here is a blurb about the builder:
In college, I earned a degree in Composite Materials Engineering. I have worked in the aerospace, wind energy, and epoxy formulation industries as a composite materials engineer. I understand both the theory and real world use of carbon fiber and how it is used in custom bicycles.

When I bring my cycling experience and carbon fiber passion together, I am a custom handmade carbon fiber bicycle builder. I apply proprietary carbon fiber layups, materials, and processes to give you a custom, efficient, and comfortable ride.

- Matt Appleman

his frames carry a 25 year warranty and frame forks and headsets start at $3,500.

1 comment:

Matt Appleman said...

Thanks for the kind words!
To totally nerd out... the double helix shape on the bike are to scale of actual human DNA! The carbon fiber logos and brake bridge are all angled at the same angle to match! Nerd alert.