March 16, 2011

Favorite Things: Shimano Mid Priced MTB Shoes



I forget the model but these cost around $90 new. I had a pair of the classic M110's prior to these that cost around $100. For bang for your buck nobody messes with Shimano shoes as an all arounder. They are stiff enough for serious mountain biking and you can walk, hike, and stand in them all day long without your feet crying uncle.

I've also got a pair of Sidi's that are great on the bike, but I don't necessarily care to hang out in them for hours on end. These are just the right mix of performance and comfort. For anywhere between $70-$100 any of the Shimano shoe line is going to do you right for everyday living. If you buy the shittiest ones, they are well, the shittiest ones, and if you buy too expensive of an MTB shoe it's going to be super racy and too stiff. You've got to find the sweet spot.

I've had this pair for 5 years and have put, I would estimate, somewhere around 20,000 miles on them. They've carried me to countless alleycat wins, I've taken them out west to ride trails, hung around many a fire and passed out with them on more times than I care to admit.

Some of the best money I've ever spent.


Mud said...

damn those shoes look old! props!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I have the same pair. Such a versatile shoe, comfortable too, I use them almost always, save for the really cold months which they're not built for.

Waddo said...

I rode clips for maybe 15 years then switched to SPD about 10 years ago and haven't looked back. I'm on my second pair of SPD shoes (MT41) now (BMW cleaned me up in the first pair and shoes, bike and moi got pretty trashed - Beemer came out OK for all you concerned Deutsch-o-philes) I ride hard in the inner city on both MTB and roadie and can stay cleated through big bunny hops plus I have worn them all day at work and ridden home again with no dramas. They shit on SIDI style shoes no worries. If I can get serious air with no detachment what else do I need - unless I am a wanker who wants to show off my uncomfortable Italian shoes?

Waddo said...

Big props to SPD shoes. I rode clips for 15 years plus then switched to SPD about 10 years back. My dog ate my first pair, but the second pair (MT41)and original MTB pedals are going strong two bikes and ten years later. I treat them hard. Jumping gutters on my roadie as buses pull up in front to slip past on the footpath and leaping huge potholes at speed with no detachment. My weekend warrior triathlon friends swear by SIDI style clips, but as SPD have never let me down why change? (Oh and it doesn't get cold here in OZ so the mesh sides and short cotton socks are my year 'round set up)