March 14, 2011

CRC to Shut It's Doors

Not the beloved brand itself, but rather the CRC/Cykel Cafe portion of the business.

from the horse's mouth:

I'd like to announce that the CRC Coffee Bar will be closing its doors for the last time on Friday, March 25, 2011. Many factors lead to this decision, and now it is time for the next adventure in my life. I'd like to thank all of the remarkable friends & customers of CRC-many who've become friends- for your generous support & encouragement throughout the past 5 years. Rest assured that Cars-R-Coffins as a brand is not going anywhere, and will continue to support the local cycling scene. I also encourage all of you to continue to "support your local independent anything" & especially all of our friends on 34th & Lyndale. I'll see you on two wheels.

This is bummer news, but I'm excited to see what Hurl pops up with next, as you know dudes going be on some other shit sooner rather than later. Wishing you the best, buddy!


fuzzy said...

dude, bummertown.
I love Hurl, really sad to see the CRC Cafe is closing.
I still want to open a coffee bar in my shop, but I think the ladies across the street at the Red Hook cafe would be displeased.

Anonymous said...

Lets be real, CRC sucked.
-A sign that exclaims "bike culture"
-$15 shop socks
-nothing useful in stock that relates to bikes

They offered nothing special except location, but Sunrise, Penn and Calhoun are right there too.

No you can be pretentious and overpriced by yourself